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Great movie, The Machete!

Some intriguing ideas about a revolution in Machete? I can only see a great plot! It kind of urges migrants to start killing la migra, vigilantes and senators. You know, like O’reilly said it: “abortionist murderer, who cannot be permitted to exist” about a gynecologist, thus instigating people to kill the doctor. Which really happened. As a historian, I do not condone this kind of ideas. I have already crossed The WALL. But this movie finally makes a point! If all the work in our restaurants, hotels, and hospitals is being done by mexican or hungarian immigrants; why is it that we do not let them in the country? Once they are already here, as the humiliated hungarian house guard says it in the movie!

The girls did a great job too, reminding me of the revolutionaries in the latin tradition (1910)! Most awesome love story! And the Senator (Robert deNiro) fried on his own electrical fence! What an irony!

Best movie ever: seems to have beeen produced by Edward Olmos, but it is actually Directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Go see it! it is all about worker’s mobility! I love Danny Trejo; soo cute.

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  1. Sure, Rango, it is good hearing your comments. I have a deep appreciation for immigrants! All immigrants deserve social security, and health benefits after working their heart off to keep americans’s houses clean, and putting food on our tables, caring for our children. Regards, Dr Olga M. Lazin

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